As you approach Lime Wood you may notice a small brick house tucked under the brow of a hill. This is our Smoke House.

Our head chef Luke holder and his team of chefs are all regular visitors to the Smoke House. After having left their kilo of salmon to cure for 10 days, Luke and his team carry it down to start the smoking process. Placed in the large BBQ like oven, the hot dry air begins to smoke it; the flavours begin to mature, resulting in exquisite tasting Salmon.

Just a little taste of what we produce:

Smoked Salmon

Dry cured ham (Parma ham style)






Lavender cured Loin of Pork

The Smoke House is a big part of what we do here at Lime Wood and HH&Co, we've been experimenting with recipes over the years and throughout the seasons, our Smoke House produce will always feature on the menu at HH&Co.